tai chi course columbia sc - 6 weeks live in studio or virtual class

6 Week Tai Chi Course – Weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays – June – July 2021

6 Week Intro to Tai Chi: Live OR virtual & zoom recorded


June 21 – July 28, 2021
Mon & Weds 5:30 pm EST

What is Tai Chi?

This 6 week Course will cover the history of Yang Style Tai Chi. Master Cheng Man Ching modernized the long form into the 37 movement “short“ form. He adapted the form to be more accessible and easier to teach and learn.

This intro will cover the three energy centers (lower, middle, and upper) dantiens. The basics of how these three areas relate to one another will provide structural integrity and internal organ system harmony.

Time commitment :

6 weeks
-Daily practice 20 mins via live zoom or recorded zoom, 2 classes per week 45 mins
-one session with Meghan (approx 45 mins)


842 Holland Ave. Cayce , Sc 29033
Or LIVE ZOOM or recorded Zoom
** schedule to be updated weekly – classes are Live or Live zoom due to travel **

To join us on zoom, the link will be emailed to you upon registration. To register, purchase your course here.

Cost :

$125 for 6 weeks of daily instruction

Meghan Cole, licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Energy Medicine Practitioner has been teaching mindful movement meditation since 1996. She is certified in Sivananda Yoga, medical Chi Lel Qi Gong and received her Tai Chi training in 2015.

The Intro to Tai Chi will blend medical Qi Gong exercises with the foundations of the Cheng Man Ching Yang Style Short Tai Chi Form.
This is an incredible opportunity to develop a daily practice and use Tai Chi and medical Qi Gong to enhance your health and vitality.

Please contact Meghan @
803-556-1627 or email meghan@righteoustiger.com

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Hourly Schedule

Monday @ 5:30 PM EST

Wednesday @ 5:30 PM EST


Jun 21 2021


5:30 PM EST
5:30 pm




Righteous Tiger Energy Arts Academy
842 Holland Ave Cayce, SC 29033


Meghan Cole