Qi Gong for Weight Management & Hormonal Balance


a new approach to whole body harmony


Qi gong is a series of slow yet effective physical and breathing exercises that activate the body’s Qi (life force). This Qi movement will harmonize the body’s endocrine system. Weight management and hormonal balance are achieved by reducing stress and increasing harmony within the body.


Qi Gong can be practiced by everyone. Beginners are welcomed and encouraged. It is not just a workout, it is a new approach to whole body harmony.

Your Instructor

Meghan Cole is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and has been involved in holistic healing for 25 years. Her knowledge of Chinese Medicine shapes her Medical Qi Gong program which utilizes the body’s natural ability to heal and harmonize.

What’s included?

A daily 20 minute video that introduces you to the benefits of Qi Gong for optimal weight management & hormonal balance

An individual health consultation with Meghan to address your specific needs and review modifications if necessary



Each day, for 10 days, you will receive a 20 minute video and nutritional guidance to practice on your own time. You will also have the support of Meghan and a group practicing the same videos. These videos will be yours to continue to practice.

For more info, contact Meghan: 803-556-1627 or meghan@righteoustiger.com